Say What? Mariah Carey Says ‘Irregardless’ on New Album, Caution

>> [Updated: March 2019] Mariah Carey’s music video for “A No No” is here! <<

I can’t remember the last time I bought a full-length album on its release day. So when I saw Caution by Mariah Carey was released yesterday (November 16), I bought it. I didn’t even sample any of the songs – that’s how much faith I had that Mariah Carey’s 15th album would be fantastic.

So this holiday season, when I’m not listening to All I Want For Christmas Is You, I’m going to have these three songs on repeat!

A No No

What I Love: Being a fan of all things French, I love how she throws in a little français:

What I Don’t Like: She’s known for using lots of adverbs and big words in her lyrics, so I was shocked she used “irregardless” in this song. I don’t care what dictionaries say! It’s not a word!

The Distance

What I Don’t Like: Again, she’s known for using lots of big words in her lyrics, so her f-bombs seem misplaced if not redundant here. After all, the song is already giving the finger to people who didn’t think her relationship would last.

What I Love: How it starts off with a chant of S-P-I-R-I-T. It’s like she’s her relationship’s own cheerleader.

Giving Me Life

What I Don’t Like: The song runs a little long. It didn’t need the last 48 seconds, in my opinion. Also, I know she’s referring to the legendary Barbra Streisand when she sings, “Living like Babs ‘cause it’s evergreen,” but I keep hearing, “living like bats…” But maybe it’s just me!

What I Love: The mellow groovy beat and the chorus, “Giving me life and it’s everything…”

Have you heard Mariah Carey’s new album, Caution? Which song(s) did you like? Let me know in the comments below!


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