Imagining Life After Facebook

[Updated June 2019]

Being the late adopter that I am, I didn’t sign up for a Facebook (FB) account until the end of 2008, which is over four years after the social media platform launched.

Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, California

Like most people, I can’t live without several FB features! For example, I appreciate how it delivers on its promise to connect the world and to bring distant family and friends closer. Near or far, I like how I can keep abreast of everyone’s everyday thoughts, as well as their major life events.

Also, photo sharing on FB is so much easier: snap a picture, upload it from your mobile device, add a clever caption, and hit “post” to instantly share it with your FB friends all around the world or around the corner. This process beats earlier photo-sharing sites’ way of making you upload photos on the computer first, then emailing the album link to family and friends.

I also love how FB allows me to engage with fellow fans of my favorite celebrities. For example, it’s because of FB Fan/Group Pages that I know my favorite musician is going on tour: Corey Hart Never Surrender 2019 Tour!🇨🇦 [Update: Just two days after the tour ended, this fan/group page suddenly vanished. It appears it was accidentally or deliberately (?) deleted without even a heads-up to any of us members! If you click on the link above, you’ll get this message:

Opinion: I think the wrong digit is up

To make matters worse, a new fan/group page was created and a commenter suggested that someone sabotaged the original fan/group page. Someone? Hmmm. I don’t buy it. As far as I know, only the page creator and its admins can delete. I get it. People make mistakes. What if that someone intended to archive (not delete) the fan/group page? If that’s the case, own up to it. We’d understand. But no one has done that! So disappointing. Where is the thumbs down button when you need it? Yet another reason for me to quit FB, isn’t it?]

While I enjoy these FB features, I think it may be time for me to heed the call to hashtagDeleteFacebook and quit FB once and for all. After 10 years of using the platform, I’m losing trust in them due to their multiple security breaches and data mining scandals in recent months.

The thought that any information intended for my trusted FB friends could be sold or misused without my knowledge or express consent makes me very uncomfortable.

I don’t know how to quit you (but I’ll try)

I imagine it’s simple to quit – hit the delete button and it’s a done deal, right? But it’s emotionally hard to quit.

  • If I were to delete my FB account, would I miss my FB friends? Would they miss me?
  • Would I continue being friends with them, using another form of communication (email, text, phone calls)?
  • What will happen to all of my pictures?
  • How can I quit FB when my favorite musician says, never surrender?

Imagining life after Facebook

I have a few dozen friends on FB, which is not many by FB standards. Outside of FB, I’m in regular contact with about 15 of them. When I want to reach them, I’ll send an email or text, which is exactly how I kept in touch with people before FB!

So come to think of it, if I simply go back to basics, life after Facebook will be just fine! 👍🏼 In the new year, I resolve to keep in touch with more friends by email or text!

For more information:

Facebook’s Very Bad Year, Explained

Have you quit Facebook? Tell me why in the comments below.

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