Poem: Enough

This year marks 18 years since he left

My childish questions are all grown

They have blossomed and accepted

That answers to them are unknown:

Who is this man for whom we shed tears and eulogize

Who is this man we honor with two Muni trolley buses outside

Who is this man whose face and name I’ve got

When they tell me sorry I say, “Don’t be –

It’s OK, because really, I’m not”

Who is this man whose email was asshole1 at something dot something

Who is this man with a pew reserved for all of his one-and-only darlings

Who is this man who warrants ‘no seats left, you need to stand’

What did these people know about this man?

Same as me to be here today:


(c) 2019 Darlene C Alvarez

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