Poem: Home Is Wherever You Are

Home is wherever you are

You awaken the clumsy giant

You’re the cat who’s caught my tongue

You inspire me, you make me smile

Sweet as the melody the bluebird sung

Hand in hand we travel along the long road

Though with you it is not daunting

Heart to heart we offer ourselves to each other

Sharing, revealing, opening, embracing

The other’s demons that once were haunting

Your love is the elixir to cure all my raw, blistering wounds

In an instant, I am renewed

Your hug, your kiss

The way you accept me, like this

Is all I’ve ever wanted

I’ve always said,

“Home is wherever you are”

For this house shall never be haunted

From The Quiet Child – Poems

(c) 2007 Darlene C Alvarez (that’s me!)

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